Gastronomy. Costa Adeje, Tenerife Sur

Diversity of flavors in Costa Adeje

From traditional cuisine with high quality local ingredients to creative proposals from chefs with international Michelin awards.

The gastronomy of the Canary Islands, particularly that of Tenerife, is a diverse and appreciated delight for visitors.

Costa Adeje, famous for its natural beauty and climate, also offers an unmissable culinary offer. Discover a wide range of options to savor culinary delights, from traditional cuisine with high-quality local ingredients to creative proposals from chefs with international Michelin awards, including fusions of marine and mountain flavors, as well as local specialties such as "pollo Adejero".

The gastronomic offerings include local products such as wine from Bodega Vinos Tierras de Aponte, cheese from Quesería Montesdeoca, honey and locally grown bananas. You can explore the local neighborhoods, visit the Adeje Agromercado and find a variety of fresh produce, from fruits and vegetables to cheeses, crafts and pastries, plus increasingly popular organic options.

For those who prefer international cuisine, Costa Adeje has a wide selection of restaurants offering dishes from around the world, including Italian, Mexican, Asian and Mediterranean options, many of them in resorts.

We encourage you to explore and discover new places during your visit and enjoy the diversity of flavors that Costa Adeje has to offer.

Buen provecho!

Costa Adeje is a luxury gastronomic destination with a diversity of restaurants offering unique culinary experiences.

The evolution of local gastronomy has led to the fusion of traditional recipes with innovative techniques, creating creative and original dishes. On the coast of the municipality, you will find a concentration of venues and restaurants where authenticity, quality and culinary exquisiteness are the pillars.

For those seeking a luxury experience, Costa Adeje is home to several high-end restaurants. These places offer sophisticated gastronomy and menus designed by Michelin star award-winning chefs. Examples include the NUB restaurant at the Hotel Bahía del Duque and the iconic El Rincón de Juan Carlos restaurant, with two Michelin stars. In addition, the San Hô restaurant at the Royal Hideaway Corales Resort provides a global culinary experience without limits, with a Michelin star to its credit.

Costa Adeje combines luxury and design with an exceptional gastronomic offer. Discover high-level cuisine in a paradisiacal setting!

Michelin Stars

Creative cuisine

Costa Adeje is a paradise for lovers of coastal cuisine. The freshness and exquisiteness of the products of the sea are the heart of this area. Just a short drive from Costa Adeje, the charming fishing village, La Caleta, stands out as an epicenter of this culinary delight.

In La Caleta, several restaurants offer exceptional menus that highlight the quality and flavor of fresh fish. From grilled fish, such as sea bass, sea bream, wreckfish and sama, cooked with simplicity and enhanced with salt and olive oil to preserve their freshness and natural flavor, to unique dishes such as stewed vieja, fried limpets with mojo, delicious fish casseroles and seafood paellas, which are true culinary treasures. In addition to fresh seafood, such as shrimp, prawns, mussels and squid, are combined with rice and spices in the paellas, offering an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

You can't miss these delicacies in Costa Adeje.

Gastronomy of the sea

Our mountain cuisine is characterized by comforting and hearty dishes, adapted to the conditions and products available in many small villages in the midlands or high mountain areas of Adeje, such as Taucho, La Quinta, La Concepción, Los Menores or Ifonche.

The climate of these small villages, their rural environment, their mountainous landscapes, their pine forests and their old farmhouses, make the preparation and tasting of their menus even more appealing and evocative.

The restaurants in these villages, always invite you to enjoy these dishes and the most traditional, typical, economical and simple cuisine of Adeje. Goat meat, conejo al salmorejo (fried rabbit seasoned with spices), carne fiesta or a grilled pork are practically always included in the menus of many restaurants. Nowadays, the Canarian black pig has become a gastronomic product of recognized prestige and you can enjoy in these places such sought-after dishes as roast suckling pig, suckling pig caldereta, suckling pig shoulder, sautéed sirloin, grilled leg and sausages such as sweet blood sausage.

Remember that these restaurants are quite frequented on weekends and local holidays. We advise you to book in advance so you don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful gastronomic experience.

Costa Adeje shares the most typical dishes of the island of Tenerife, offering a delicious culinary variety. Here, you can savor fresh local fish, roast chicken, exquisite goat meat, traditional stews, papas arrugadas (small boiled potatoes with skin and coarse salt) with delicious mojos (green or red), gofio (toasted cereal flour), cheeses, honey and seasonal fruits such as almonds, figs, bananas and figs. All this, of course, paired with a good local wine.

The cuisine of Adeje is a celebration of authentic and simple flavors. How would you like to delight yourself with a watercress stew? Or immerse yourself in the satisfaction of a comforting sancocho, a typical fish stew that will not leave you indifferent. Have you tried the traditional Canarian rancho? This is a stew that usually includes ingredients such as chickpeas, meat (often pork), chorizo, black pudding, potatoes, sweet potato, carrots and other vegetables.

If you're looking for an even more authentic experience, why not explore escaldón de gofio? This emblematic product of the Canarian diet has its roots in the time of the guanches, the first inhabitants of the Canary Islands. Let yourself be carried away by the authentic flavors of Costa Adeje!

Popular gastronomy

The Pollo Adejero (Adeje's chicken) is the gastronomic pride of Adeje, a dish with "copyright" and "made in Adeje". It emerged in a restaurant in the heart of the historic center of the municipality and, due to its popularity, several restaurants now offer this delicacy, considered by many as the most delicious chicken in Spain.

The recipe is simple but its flavor is extraordinary, which is confirmed by residents and tourists who return again and again. The secret lies in its delicious mojo, which maintains its unmistakable flavor over time. The menu is basic but full of flavor: Pollo Adejero, a salad with exquisite tomatoes, fried or wrinkled potatoes, and homemade desserts. This dish has conquered the palates and has become the star of the local gastronomy.

It would be a sin to come to Costa Adeje and not try this dish.

Adeje''s chicken