Our heritage. Costa Adeje, Tenerife Sur

Historical, artistic and cultural heritage

The municipality of Adeje treasures a priceless heritage, ranging from traditional churches, fortresses and hermitages to impressive modern structures.

Where the old and the new live together

In our artistic legacy, you will discover a variety of sculptures that adorn the coast and the villages of the municipality. The impressive sculpture of Mencey Tinerfe el Grande, the Guanche king of Tenerife who had his court in Adeje, stands out. They say that, upon his death, his nine sons divided the island into nine Guanche menceyatos.

Another relevant element are the murals of local artist Conrado Díaz Ruiz. His murals depict a wide range of subjects, from historical scenes to rural life, typical flora and fauna of the island, as well as issues of citizen awareness.

The historic architectural heritage is abundant, especially in the mountainous areas. Religious buildings stand out, such as churches, hermitages and former convents, as well as fountains and small hamlets such as La Quinta and Taucho. Adeje's Calle Grande, in its beginnings, had a channel carved in the rough stone through which water flowed from the Barranco del Infierno spring, used to irrigate the surrounding lands.

Discover the cultural and historical richness of Adeje while exploring its diverse heritage.