Why choose Costa Adeje?. Costa Adeje, Tenerife Sur

Why choose Costa Adeje?

For its climate, for its accommodation, for its beaches? We tell you some of the reasons why Costa Adeje is a destination where to spend your vacations.

Costa Adeje has an average temperature of 23ºC throughout the year, offering you an exceptional climate, so that you can enjoy not only in summer, but also in winter, more than 17 excellent beaches and bathing areas along its coastline.

Larger or smaller beaches, more exclusive or more familiar, with gray sand or lighter sand, but in short, endless options for you to choose yours.

Because more than 45% of its surface is made up of specially protected natural areas.

Both on the coast and in the mountains, which will allow you to enjoy not only the sun and the sea, practicing scuba diving, doing some of your favorite water sports or watching whales and dolphins, but it will also allow you to enjoy a warm and spectacular nature, making your hiking trails, crossing unusual places, or jumping in paragliding from the top of the forest crown to enjoy the whimsical shapes of the mountains and volcanic rocks of Costa Adeje on the descent.

Because choosing accommodation is within everyone's reach. Now, if you are looking for exclusivity, quality and luxury, Costa Adeje makes it even easier if possible.

Its unusual luxury villas, surrounded by tropical vegetation, private pools and inland rivers, its magnificent 24 5-star, luxury and grand luxury hotels and its more than 34 4-star hotels will provide you with a dream stay.

In addition, you can also afford to make your shopping in magnificent shopping malls with establishments of the best international firms.

Because we know that gastronomy is for you another powerful reason to choose your next vacation destination.

That is why we also want you to get to know the cuisine of Costa Adeje, its wines, its cheeses, its honey and its countless traditional food restaurants.

Tinerfeña gastronomy has evolved and has given rise to a creative and original cuisine, to reach, today, the excellence of restaurants with chefs awarded several Michelin stars installed in Costa Adeje.

Because Costa Adeje is a cosmopolitan, cheerful and friendly destination, proud of its origins, culture, traditions, heritage, pilgrimages and local festivals.

And at the same time, it is a town also open to new trends, day and night leisure, and to the many experiences for families, couples, friends, seniors and also for those traveling alone: first-class theme parks, concerts and musical events with internationally renowned artists, fashion and sporting events.

Because the dream of any athlete is to be able to practice their favorite sport at any time of the year. And this is possible in Costa Adeje.

Thanks to the climate and its stable water temperature conditions, we have exceptional conditions to become what we really are, a true outdoor Olympic stadium in every sense. Bodyboarding, scuba diving, freediving, deep-sea fishing, golf, tennis, paddle tennis, paragliding, cycling or running are just some examples of the sports you can practice in Costa Adeje.