La Quinta - Boca del Paso. Costa Adeje, Tenerife Sur

La Quinta - Boca del Paso

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Pleasant walk of about half an hour that offers beautiful views of Adeje.

The route begins in the old hamlet of La Quinta next to the Hermitage of Santa Margarita, which dates from the late sixteenth century and houses two important images inside: Santa Margarita de Antioquia and Santa Lucia. The large threshing floor and the old washing places stand out next to it.

During the XVI and XVII centuries the place where the hamlets of Taucho and La Quinta are located, separated by the Aponte ravine, was known as Taucho. The name La Quinta arose later, at the end of the 18th century, when the ownership of these lands passed to the Marquises of La Quinta Roja.

Along the route we can observe vestiges of the important agricultural activity that developed in this area: threshing floors, old cultivation terraces, stone and wood cisterns, cisterns and remains of old peasant dwellings.

To be taken into account


Duration: 30 minutes

Uphill Climb: 94m

Downhill Climb: 119m

Distance: 1.7Km

Trail type: Hiking

Trail type: Traverse

La Quinta - Ifonche (2h 30 min)

Camino de Teresme

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