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Cliffs of Los Gigantes

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It is a must-see destination on the west coast of Tenerife. Huge cliffs plunge into the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean from between 985 and 1,967 feet (300 and 600 metres). This awesome sight really is something to behold and is the main attraction to this coastal town, which is a popular spot for a day trip. Appreciate the varied colours and textures of these breathtaking looming cliffs that have given this resort its name — the giants. The basalt flows that make this enclave late Tertiary formed by stacking series horizontal coladas I (old basaltic series), that continued work sea erosion over millions of years has been modeled on an old massif, the mountainous Teno, with an area of ​​8063.6 hectares and declared Park Bed Natural Areas Law of 1994 Islands. Los Gigantes is located on the west coast of Tenerife and is part of the Santiago del Teide municipality.  The scale of these cliffs can only really be appreciated by taking a boat trip from Puerto Santiago (2 hours) or from Puerto Colón, Costa Adeje (4 ½ hours)  to the foot of the cliffs. Historically the people of Tenerife thought these cliffs were sacred and also that this is where the world ended, and it’s easy to understand why!