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Why choose Costa Adeje?


Because of its climate? Because of its beaches? Because of its accommodation?

We show you some reasons why Costa Adeje has become one of the preferred destinations in the Canary Islands and Europe.

The climate


Costa Adeje, due to its privileged location, located on the southwest side of the island, has more than 3,000 hours of light and more than 300 days of sunshine per year.

With a temperature of 27 degrees in summer and 23 degrees in winter due to the trade winds, which like a soft fan, maintains constant temperatures, Adeje is the preferred destination throughout Europe.

In addition, one of the characteristics of Adeje is that it has an interesting variety of microclimates because in a few kilometers it passes from sea level to a height of 1,700 meters. But don’t worry, one jacket is enough to enjoy the mountains.



In Adeje we have, on our 20km of coastline, 17 beaches or bathing areas from which you can choose black, white or callao sand.

Sunbathing or practicing some water sport will be the only thing you have to decide.

Some of our beaches have a blue flag, an award that is given to those beaches that comply with community regulations regarding the cleaning of coastal waters and other exploitation services. In addition, many of them are accessible to people with disabilities.



Adeje has an extensive experience in the tourism sector. It has one of the most modern, varied and highest quality accommodation in Europe. The effort to maintain quality means that the installations are modernized and upgraded constantly.