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7 things you must do in Costa Adeje

You’re looking for a place that’s open 365 days a year where you and your family can combine comfort and relaxation with nature and adventure. You’re looking for the Costa Adeje, the perfect destination for your holiday. Discover our beaches and their natural landscapes in addition to the best hotel establishments in Spain in a place where hospitality is as crucial as the sun that warms our coastline.

Beaches to suit all tastes

Any month of the year is perfect for a dip and enjoying the warm sea breeze at the different beaches and bathing areas along our coast. Our large beaches have clear sand and black volcanic sand; some are hidden, some are natural; and some have stones. They offer sports, peace, quiet and happiness.


→ www.costa-adeje.es/beach

Free cetaceans

The sea that bathes the Costa Adeje is unique and the cetaceans that have made this coastline their natural habitat know this. Dolphins, sperm whales, fin whales and pilot whales have found a reason to create permanent colonies in the richness of the region’s marine depths and warm waters. You can visit these colonies on boat excursions for all the family. Make sure the boat has the distinctive “Blue Boat” status, which guarantees it complies with laws that ensure the safety of the cetaceans.


Hiking in Adeje

The trail is the goal of hiking fans, and those who love nature will find good reason to visit us in the peaks and hills of the Costa Adeje. A guide with our network of local trails, appropriate footwear, water and some fruit are all you need to immerse yourself in our natural treasures that stretch from the summits of Las Cañadas del Teide National Park and descend to our coast.


→ www.costa-adeje.es/senderos

Fully discovering this paradise

There is a sea philosophy that says not all beauty is found beneath the surface. Immersing oneself in the warm, calm waters of Adeje continues to be one of the most fascinating holiday experiences around. Listening to your breathing underwater and floating in the sea accompanied by diverse biological species in clear waters that reach a depth of 30 metres are excellent reasons for you to visit the different diving centres and, if you love nature, another excellent choice would be to visit Puertito de Adeje and learn more about the marine fauna recovery tasks that are being carried out.


→ www.oceanosostenible.eu

History of the region

The cantatas of the Guanche King Tinerfe resound in the ravines of Adeje like echoes from the primitive history told to us under the shadow of the Teide. ‘Adexe’ was the first name given to these lands, which would later come to be known as the town of Adeje, the site of sugar plantations, pirates, schooners and caravels. An old quarter with the remains of the traditional Canarian house rising on Calle Grande serves as a reminder of the town’s history in which Casa Fuerte, the Iglesia de Santa Úrsula and its old Franciscan convent struggle with the modernity of the adjacent square, which is the proud winner of a WAF Award 2012.


→ www.costa-adeje.es/heritage

Fun assured

Slides, wave pools, rapids… Adeje has some top water parks. Whether you are looking for thrills or somewhere to take the kids, our water parks are designed for all ages. Siam Park is the largest water park in Europe and is considered one of the best in the world. It offers an experience you can’t miss out on.

The Kingdom of Ayutthaya awaits at Siam Park. Unleash your adrenaline in this fantastic park. Take on slides in the middle of the jungle. At Siam Park, hours turn into seconds and waves mean fun.


→ www.siampark.net/


Golf on the shores of the Atlantic

If you have never teed off into the sun at Golf Costa Adeje you should do just that. This is a gentle, well-kept course with 27 holes that will ensure you enjoy a memorable day of sport and, in its clubhouse, good food and excellent service.


→ www.golfcostaadeje.com

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